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Italian girl who loves drawing and writing original stories just for fun.
I use this blog mainly to show personal sketches and share my friends' art and whatever I like!

I love talking with people around the world and I am interested in pretty all cultures. I have a special love for oriental things (and food!) <3

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I hardly manage to find some time for drawing lately, I’m full of other things to do! Here it is a little update with the sketches I’ve done during the last month, just to remind you I’m still alive :)

First one is Istaaz by serenaverdeart, (ce la farò a colorarla prima o poi! >3<)

Second one is Enassan by spadiekitchenqueen

Third one is Dejanira by me! <3


Opening commissions because I need to save money to pay university fees and I’m in a bad financial situation atm. I also do headshots! You can find more info here . 

I do 

  • original characters
  • fanarts
  • tera characters
  • nude
  • soft yuri / yaoi
  • kemonomimis 

I don’t do                                             

  • gore/violence
  • porn/hentai
  • anthros/furries
  • mechas/robots copying
  • copying other styles                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Feel free to ask if you have any question!                                            

You can contact me on tumblr, on my dA via note or you can send an e-mail to

Commission pimping!! Go and check this talented girl’s blog! <3


I’ve reached 200 followers!!!

And It’s time to celebrate with a giveaway! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

And to make things different this time I’ve decided to give away one original entirely made for this occasion! This drawing was made on a canson textured paper with polychromos and gold paint, it its 25x17 cm and it can be yours!

So here are the rules!

  • Like and/or reblog this post.
  • You can like and/or reblog many times you want, but please be moderate.
  • You don’t need to be a follower.
  • By August 1st (Friday night) I’ll pick a winner with
  • You’ll need to have your ask open, so I can contact you.

Thank you for all the support here in these three years! Tumblr has  been a happy place to be around and I’ve meet incredible people here!

See you Friday with the winner result! ;D

Good luck!!!

Congratulations Lu!! *w* <3

Asker laurapex Asks:
I saw some drawings of your OC Yolane, she seems to be kind and someway melanchonic, but I don't know much about her. Can you explain some of her peculiarities to me? :3
shisleya shisleya Said:

Yolane starts as a sweet and shy girl from the North of Victoria, she has the gift of foreseeing, which allows her to see in dreams what it’s going to happen. Then everything changes when she mysteriously receives a terrible prophecy in a dream. A “voice” tells her to collect legendary magical objects, in order to ward off the catastrophic events shown in her visions. After that, she becomes really obsessed by the “mission” the prophecy committed her, and begins to search some persons which are supposed to help her in her mission – at least, in Yolane’s opinion.

The first one is Dejanira, then Aki, and eventually Nazim. Yolane is really sure they all have a role in the prophecy, even if in the first instance none of them seems to believe her. Yolane actually appears like a clumsy and nutty girl, up to look a bit off of the wall, and very emotionally instable. Also, she’s naïve and doesn’t know anything about the “world things”, and sometimes she’s quite close-minded: not the best believable person, after all.

Plus, the more the time passes, the more Yolane seems to lose her grip on reality: she starts to forget important things about her family and past, as if she’s losing memory, and often seems to wander with her mind in unknown thoughts.

She’s aware of her clumsiness and weird behaviors, and this makes her feel a burden to the others. With time, Nazim becomes her only rock: when she’s in Nazim’s company, Yolane feels safe and healthy. She ends up falling in love with him, but sadly he seems to ignore her feelings. At some point, this unrequited love will torment Yolane’s mind more than the prophecy itself.


(via historyvikings)


Gift for shisleya of her character Rodas! :D

Spero ti piaccia (e spero di aver azzeccato i colori)! >.<

Ho provato a fargli la barba ma non la so disegnare (ancora) quindi fai finta che qui sia ancora agli inizi di crescita. xD

°o° No, ma tu…. Sei troppo caraaa che tremenda che sei ahaha! Grazie mille, l’hai interpretato benissimo *__* (i colori sono perfetti!) La faccia da schiaffi è la sua!! :°D Va benissimo anche la barba in fase di crescita ahah XD In fondo è un tipo che viaggia spessissimo e non può stare a radersi di continuo (oddio, conoscendo le sue manie da esteta ne sarebbe capace…  XD)

Grazie ancora per questa graditissima sorpresa!! <3

kanako91 replied to your post: Little exercise I did some weeks ago w…

Gli gnocchi con i capelli argentati/bianchi sono sempre graditi, grazie, prego, non c’è di che – NAZIIIIIIIIIIIIIM! Sempre una bella gioia, lui ♥ Lui e la luna sono uno dei miei OTP, insieme a NazimxYolanda U__U

Prego prego signorina, so che lei avrebbe apprezzato U_U In tutto questo, Yolanda deve competere pure con la luna per avere il cuore di Nazim… ahah porella com’è sfigata! :°D

laurapex ha detto: 

Ehhh, tanto è tutto overused, o scegli capelli di colori strani tipo tarallo stagionato o nutria anziana d’inverno o non ne esci più fuori cercando roba originale, Rosy! Tanto vale fregarsene *_*

asherah-seren ha detto: 

Nazim ; w ; <3 <3 meraviglia..<3 e quoto lau per la questione originalità! (anche se io mi metto spesso gli stessi problemi..sto optando per il “chissene” molto spesso)

Ah sì, di questo sono cosciente, ma infatti non è che stessi riconsiderando i colori o chissà che, era una semplice constatazione, e anche io sono arrivata alla conclusione del “chissene” X°°D Tanto, a parte l’aspetto esteriore, quello che più mi preme dei personaggi è che abbiamo un’originalità caratteriale/di background/di relazionarsi con gli altri personaggi, ecc, ecc… cose che escono fuori solo nel momento in cui vedi il personaggio “muoversi”.(che sia un fumetto, un romanzo, un film…) Un’immagine statica darà sempre un’idea parzialissima del personaggio! (comunque Lau le tue opzioni di colori mi hanno fatto morire… :°°°D)


Here my commissions sheet. Payment is via Paypal, and if you want, i can also sell to you the original piece, only adding the shipping payment. If you want to see more of my drawings here is my Deviantart page! (is not updated anymore but is still open) My inbox is open for any questions! Requests for commissions will be open from 30 june to 30 july.

Pimping my dear friend Elisa, take a look at her commissions chart!

Little exercise I did some weeks ago with copics and white acrylic… which basically failed, because I had to retouch it a lot with Photoshop… -__-

(white/silver long haired dudes are also overused, but I can’t help it XD )

can you tell something about the relationship between aki and kaya? :D
shisleya shisleya Said:

Aki and Kaya know each other since they were little kids. Even though they belong to opposite social classes (Kaya is from a noble family of warriors devoted to the Emperor), they used to share a very strong friendship. Aki admired her for her strength and resolution (despite being a woman, she chose to learn how to fight as well as her father and brothers), and Kaya admired Aki’s innate talent and ambition. Their relationship wasn’t “romantic”, even though, on Aki’s side, Kaya represented something very special, an ideal to strive towards, and maybe his only true, honest bond.

Their relationship started to grow weak when the Emperor took Kaya as one of his reliable persons, and Aki became colder and much more disenchanted about how society works.

Then a very serious “incident” happened between them, something Aki will never forgive to himself and caused him to escape, overwhelmed by fear, shame and guilt towards Kaya.

For years they will know anything about the other one, until they meet again. Kaya still works for the Emperor, but seems to not remember anything about Aki, as if she suffers from amnesia: a very unexpected and inexplicable event with tempting but dangerous consequences.

While Aki hopes to rebuild what they have lost by lying an hiding her the truth about the incident, Kaya is torn whether considering him a real friend rather than a stranger who’s trying to take advantage of her. In current times, her devotion to the Emperor is stronger than anything else, and she pretends to believe Aki because it’s the most convenient thing to do at the moment. Their “reborn” friendship is apparent and covered by shades, deceit and lies. Some true feelings happen to come to the surface only when Aki recall some childhood memories, making feel Kaya very confused, even if she doesn’t understand the real reason. On the other hand, Aki knows he’s behaving like a guilty coward, but he can’t help but hiding her the truth as long as he can. He prefers to live in this new sparkling illusion rather than facing the reality that nothing will ever be like before. Aki’s attitude is also very irresponsible because he’s always ready to protect Kaya and justify her actions, even when they’re kinda suspicious and potentially dangerous.

….EHM, sorry, I didn’t mean to write their whole story ahaha! But their relationship is very complex to describe without some preconditions X°)

If you have other questions about my OCs, feel free to ask!

[Comunque Ely sei tremenda :°D ahah! <3]