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Italian| Female | 28 years| Architectural Engineer with a passion for drawing and illustration, comics and writing. At the moment I keep drawing just because I like it, but I'm taking this hobby more and more seriously :) I'm also working hard on a personal project called "Instrumenta", a fantay novel by four hands which I also dream to illustrate one day!
I use this blog mainly to show my personal sketches, my OCs and anything is linked to my art.

If you are interested, I have a Secondary blog where I reblog my inspirations and whatever I like!
I love talking with people around the world and I am interested in pretty all cultures. I have a special love for oriental things (and food!) <3

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Inktober day 7 and birthday gift for Shisleya <3

*o* *o* *o* B-b-but…. THANK YOU!!! ;_________;

I was scrolling down the dashboard and I jumped on the chair by seeing this! I immediately recognized her, and she’s actually for meeeee!! *o*

I’m still in awe *o* I really love how simple yet incisive is this! You nailed her so well! She’s really amazing in your style <3 <3 <3 I feel so blessed! :-*


Gift - Dejanira by Nike-93

For shisleya 

One of the most gorgeous digital painting of Deja I have ever received *___* Look at her smooth skin and gorgeous hair… <3  

Go and give Nike some love because she’s a very talented artist and a lovely person too!! <3


Birthday gift for Shisleya , a handmade doll of her OC Aki! ^_^
Hope you like it my friend #^_^#

….aaaaand the cherry on the cake!

Can we talk about HOW AMAZING IS THIS?!?!? *_____________* Aki has never been so cute and soooo cool at the same time!!!!!!! <3 <3<3

Go and follow Laura because she’s literally able to do everything, not only gorgeous drawings but also artisan crafts! Her works are so precious and unique! <3 <3 <3 


A little something for shisloads !
Augury Rosy!!!! <3 <3 <3

Ghghghg it’s definitely Deja’s day today! <3 <3 <3

I love this IMMENSELY, she’s truly beautiful, she’s so real and so faithful to the original character…. *________* I can stare at her for ours…

Raka sarò ripetitiva ma semplicemente la adorooo!! <3 <3 <3


Gift: Deja60 by Stefan oMarinetti

A gift for a friend :)

Gorgeous gift from my friend Stefano! Deja in ’60s fashion!!  *__* Thank you so much!!!


Inktober #5
Since I’m drawing daily because of the inktober I managed to draw a little bday gift for the lovely shisleya! It’s a sketchy shit, I wish it was better but this is what reduced time let me do u-u but hope you like it anyways and hope you don’t mind I’ve drawn Djanira without permission :p
I know its tomorrow but well, maybe tomorrow I can’t draw anything and I was inspired! So, happy early bday, dear! I usually miss bdays or I have not time to draw anything for friends but today I’m happy! :D

How dare you calling this “sketchy shit” è___é I love it!! She is gorgeous in that dress, and omg I literally love the bodice, may I steal and put it in Deja’s official wardrobe?! XD Also I love her basket, she looks like she’s walking around her village and smiling at someone who made her a compliment, ahah! <3

Thank you so much Raquel, you’re a sweetheart!! <3 <3 <3

Inktober #3 and #4 

First one is a re-make of this sketch, second one is a veeery quick test with my new brand FUDEPEN!! *happycry* :DDD

Fudepen are same as pentel brushes, but they’re the original Japanese brushes for calligraphy and ink drawings! I bought the Kuretake type. I plan to buy a thiner brush now, but this one is really amazing for fast sketches, scratch effects and backgrounds.

Btw, I’m really enjoying this challenge so far!! ^o^

Inktober # 1 (and # 2 since I finished it after midnight! :P)

I already know I will quit the challenge in few days LOL but I take this as a chance to practise traditional inking, I don’t care if I don’t manage to make a pic every day.

My hatching makes no sense, but I’m pleased anyway! Lately I’m drawing without fearing to do mistakes, I feel so much better! Perfection doesn’t exist afterall! ^__^ 

Tools: various Faber-Castell ink pens + copics on A6 sketchbook

Replies to asherah-seren and laurapex under the cut!

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OMG they seem like a newly couple who hopefully wait for a happy future, that’s super sappy but


I feel like I’ve finally broken the ice with digital inking, it’s not super neat but way better than my previous attempts, I think!

I need to finish it now, but I don’t know if leaving it monochromatic by adding screentones or textures (the second one is just a quick test), or trying some flat colors… if I find enough motivation I will try both.

MOAR! <3 I actually really like the clean monochrome look going in the second version, but whatever you want to do… do it!

Thank you so much Molly! Indeed I see some potential in the second version, even though I’m generally used to “warmer” greys… maybe I just have to get used to it! In any case I will try different solutions for sure, I feel motivated this time! Thank you a lot dear!! :-*