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I rarely do posts about fandoms, but I was so concerned too after the last episode of Game of Thrones. It touches me deeply mainly because Jaime is one of my fav characters and I’m so attached to his redemption arc, like most of the book readers, I suppose. The TV series suddenly shows him in a very bad light, AGAIN, and this pisses me off on so many levels. I was curious to know what GRRM would have thought of the adaption of this scene, and this is his response. I agree with him completely. It’s true that the timeline is different, it’s true that in the show Jaime and Cersei are quarreling more than in the books, but some specific changes were so unnecessary, because they made the scene appear disturbing for the wrong reasons.

It seems that Jaime does what he does to punish Cersei, moved more by anger, than hunger/love. And Cersei keeps crying and sobbing, in short, she becomes a victim. I’m starting to think the writers have chosen this “rapey” variation to make the watchers feel really bad for Cersei (generally an hated character). If this is the reason, sure Jaime didn’t need such reversion in exchange. T___T 

This also makes me think how much a reader/watcher is inclined to “forgive” (or, at least, try to understand) a character that you used to really love, despite his/her behaving like an asshole at some point of his/her story. TV!Jaime will have hard times, since he already started like a questionable character. I read that many people who was starting to like him, now are thinking: “I’m done with you. You haven’t changed, afterall!” 


(forever sobbing)

(p.s. to anyone who wants to discuss about this, feel free to do it!)


The book will be published in English and French version, you just have to choose the language (see screenshot for any help )




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May Odín/Shiva or whatever let it be xD

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so yeah… 

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TUMBLR ULTIMATE STRIP-TEASE GAME ! Wanna see this hot bitchy dude get naked ?

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kisses, Orphee’ <3

YES !!  You killed the 500’s !!! ready for the next stage? ;3

This post is hilarious and sexy!! ahahha! What else to ask? (the ultimate stage, of course! *___*)



I realized I’ve never uploaded these sketches on tumblr.

Right now I’m going through a huge art block, due to stress and general shit which is happening lately… Let’s wait for better times >_<

She is one of my favs artist for so long =)

ladycamafeo ;___; Thank you sweety for your neverending support, really! <3

As well as all the ones who likes and comment my stuff, thank you for being so kind with me! <3

I realized I’ve never uploaded these sketches on tumblr.

Right now I’m going through a huge art block, due to stress and general shit which is happening lately… Let’s wait for better times >_<



Solo io vedo Aki che dice una cavolata a Dejanira (tipo un commento su come è vestita), lei che lo prende a schiaffi e lui che fa “Ma che ho detto?!” xD

Se non sbaglio conosci già la serie, vero? (Samurai High School)

Quasi quasi gli do un’occhiata, pare divertente. xD

P.S. Vediamo se sto Tumblr Tag funziona…

AHAHAHAH oddio ma che Miura sia il real-Aki è di dominio pubblico ormai… Che cucciolo qui, aveva 19 anni…XD Sì, la serie la conoscevo già, ma ho visto solo le prime due puntate tanto per, è abbastanza demenziale, però merita quando Miura fa il samurai incazzato… :°D

Ahah sì, la scena che descrivi è esemplificativa per l’Aki che spara cavolate e poi cade dalle nuvole perché ignora le regole sociali basilari… povero, con che problemi deve avere a che fare :°°°D 

(e cmq sì, il tumblr tag funziona! ;) Trovare il tuo commento mi ha fatto sorridere, grazie cara <3)

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Dejanira by PiccolaRia

Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous?!? *_________*

Thank you so much Cru!!! I love her to bits! <3<3<3