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Italian girl who loves drawing and writing original stories just for fun.
I use this blog mainly to show personal sketches and share my friends' art and whatever I like!

I love talking with people around the world and I am interested in pretty all cultures. I have a special love for oriental things (and food!) <3

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for Shisleya, her original characters Dejanira and Aki, from a scene of the second book of “Instrumenta" (currently in progress). Check her tumblr for update and for her beautiful artworks, she is also on deviantArt. Spero che ti piaccia Rosy! image

Gagajsjsbg I’m crying out of joy!!! ;____; The scene is perfect, full of delicacy and subtle emotions, and my babies are wonderful in Elisa’s style!!

I’m not dead yet, just in vacations, even if I try to draw once in a while ;) This is one of my latest sketches, I realized I draw mostly male anatomy, I need to make practice with the female body too!! XD
Anyway I hope you’re all having a nice Summer! (too bad it’s already going to end)

Goodnight sketch, no character in particular, even if I like to think of her as Basma, a secondary character from Instrumenta :)


Makoto Yukimura

I really, really envy whoever got those dedications from Yukimura sensei aaaaaghahajdbkdjb ;______;

asherah-seren replied to your post: I hardly manage to find some time for …

*_**_*_******___****** sono bellissimi tuttiii, che bella Istaaz in corso, stai pensando di fare una cosa con copic o acquarelli? e anche Enassan, che belli i tratti del viso..e Deja <3 ; w ;

Grazie ciccina ;_;  Per la versione a colori di Istaaz sono molto indecisa, perché non tocco gli acquerelli da molto e temo di fare un casino, ma allo stesso tempo credo sarebbero adatti al tipo di illustrazione… mentre i copic sarebbero più facili da gestire per i dettagli! Stavo quasi pensando di usare una tecnica mista, ma non so davvero cosa potrebbe uscire fuori XD

kanako91 ha detto: 

Che gnocca Enassan :O Ha dei lineamenti stupendi! E non vedo l’ora di vedere Istaaz finita, con tutti quei capelli e quelle pieghe dell’abito! *____* E Deja ti viene sempre meglio, è l’OC che rende più evidenti i tuoi miglioramenti ♥

Mi sono innamorata subito di Enassan, quando l’ho vista la prima volta! :D E grazie mille per tutto, sono felice che si notino dei miglioramenti…<3 *hugga* Forse si notano di più in Deja perchè è il mio OC più “antico” e quindi sono abituata a disegnarla, e anche se col tempo è un po’ cambiata ormai ho chiari in testa i suoi lineamenti! :D

laurapex ha detto: 

Che belli, tata <3 Adoro soprattutto gli occhi sgranati di Deja :°)

Grazie mille Lau <3 <3 <3

raquel-cobi ha detto: 

Happy to hear something from you! all the sketches look so beautiful!♥

Thank you so much dear! I hope to post a little more in future! <3

I hardly manage to find some time for drawing lately, I’m full of other things to do! Here it is a little update with the sketches I’ve done during the last month, just to remind you I’m still alive :)

First one is Istaaz by serenaverdeart, (ce la farò a colorarla prima o poi! >3<)

Second one is Enassan by spadiekitchenqueen

Third one is Dejanira by me! <3


Opening commissions because I need to save money to pay university fees and I’m in a bad financial situation atm. I also do headshots! You can find more info here . 

I do 

  • original characters
  • fanarts
  • tera characters
  • nude
  • soft yuri / yaoi
  • kemonomimis 

I don’t do                                             

  • gore/violence
  • porn/hentai
  • anthros/furries
  • mechas/robots copying
  • copying other styles                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Feel free to ask if you have any question!                                            

You can contact me on tumblr, on my dA via note or you can send an e-mail to

Commission pimping!! Go and check this talented girl’s blog! <3


I’ve reached 200 followers!!!

And It’s time to celebrate with a giveaway! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

And to make things different this time I’ve decided to give away one original entirely made for this occasion! This drawing was made on a canson textured paper with polychromos and gold paint, it its 25x17 cm and it can be yours!

So here are the rules!

  • Like and/or reblog this post.
  • You can like and/or reblog many times you want, but please be moderate.
  • You don’t need to be a follower.
  • By August 1st (Friday night) I’ll pick a winner with
  • You’ll need to have your ask open, so I can contact you.

Thank you for all the support here in these three years! Tumblr has  been a happy place to be around and I’ve meet incredible people here!

See you Friday with the winner result! ;D

Good luck!!!

Congratulations Lu!! *w* <3

Asker laurapex Asks:
I saw some drawings of your OC Yolane, she seems to be kind and someway melanchonic, but I don't know much about her. Can you explain some of her peculiarities to me? :3
shisleya shisleya Said:

Yolane starts as a sweet and shy girl from the North of Victoria, she has the gift of foreseeing, which allows her to see in dreams what it’s going to happen. Then everything changes when she mysteriously receives a terrible prophecy in a dream. A “voice” tells her to collect legendary magical objects, in order to ward off the catastrophic events shown in her visions. After that, she becomes really obsessed by the “mission” the prophecy committed her, and begins to search some persons which are supposed to help her in her mission – at least, in Yolane’s opinion.

The first one is Dejanira, then Aki, and eventually Nazim. Yolane is really sure they all have a role in the prophecy, even if in the first instance none of them seems to believe her. Yolane actually appears like a clumsy and nutty girl, up to look a bit off of the wall, and very emotionally instable. Also, she’s naïve and doesn’t know anything about the “world things”, and sometimes she’s quite close-minded: not the best believable person, after all.

Plus, the more the time passes, the more Yolane seems to lose her grip on reality: she starts to forget important things about her family and past, as if she’s losing memory, and often seems to wander with her mind in unknown thoughts.

She’s aware of her clumsiness and weird behaviors, and this makes her feel a burden to the others. With time, Nazim becomes her only rock: when she’s in Nazim’s company, Yolane feels safe and healthy. She ends up falling in love with him, but sadly he seems to ignore her feelings. At some point, this unrequited love will torment Yolane’s mind more than the prophecy itself.


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