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I love talking with people around the world and I am interested in pretty all cultures. I have a special love for oriental things (and food!) <3

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A little something to the awesome Firstfruits, who has been very kind and did free art for me several times! I wanted to do something in return, and I couldn’t help adding a stupid quote…she knows why! XD He is her gorgeous OC Luke *w*

I’m sorry for the bad quality of the image, my scanner doesn’t work yet and I have to buy a new one, so I keep doing shoddy photos. Looking forward to get a proper scan, here it is! Hope you like it anyway! X)

  1. solfi said: Aahh almost missed this! D: That’s the BEST Luke fanart I’ve seen! You really did justice to his hair, haha! *3* And I think the “poor” quality of the photo adds to the picture, I’d never think of it as poor, just textured. :D
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    adhaskasdsahdlLOLOL The most awesome thing! xD Shisleya drew Luke for me with a slogan he should share with her boy...
  3. crystalcurtisart said: AHHHHH!! xDDD OMG! I’m cracking up!! But I’m also completely in awe of how gorgeous you made him!!!! EEEEEE!
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