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Italian girl who loves drawing and writing original stories just for fun.
I use this blog mainly to show personal sketches and share my friends' art and whatever I like!

I love talking with people around the world and I am interested in pretty all cultures. I have a special love for oriental things (and food!) <3

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A sketch of Istaaz, beautiful OC by Serena Verde. I was supposed to do serious sketches and studies for my half of the trade with her, but then I saw a photo with a lady looking at the mirror and I immediately thought it would have suited Istaaz. I don’t know if I will convert this sketch in the proper trade, but I wanted to share anyway even if it’s nothing special X)

Un piccolo assaggio per te Sere <3

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  2. solfi said: She’s absolutely beeeautifuuuulll! 8O I love the crosshatching, especially on the nose, it conveys the form so smoothly and elegantly! I can’t wait to see the full trade. ;3;
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    aaah, ma che bella Rosy!! ♥ ♥ ♥ E pensare che l’ho scoperta per puro caso visitando la pagina di Solfi ;A; la mia dash...
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